Microsoft Teams Premium is a paid service from Microsoft that offers additional features and capabilities beyond the standard free version of Teams. Teams Premium is designed for businesses and organizations that need more advanced collaboration tools and more control over their Teams environment.

Teams Premium brings Large Language Model (LLM) using OpenAI’s GPT to users to, among other things, make meetings even more intelligent, create preparations and meeting notes automatically.

Teams Premium includes advanced security and compliance features, such as data loss prevention, eDiscovery and retention policies that help organizations meet regulatory requirements and protect their sensitive information.

Teams Premium also integrates with other Microsoft tools and services, such as PowerApps and Power Automate, which allow companies to automate workflows and streamline their business processes.

In addition to this bundle of features, there are a number of new features on the way that have also just been announced at Microsoft. We’d like to go over these new features for you. Therefore, we would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar full of new information.

The new Microsoft Teams: Faster, simpler, more flexible, and smarter

March 27 marks the day when your workplace is going to be 2x as fast, a simpler layout, more flexible to your needs and wishes. And of course, much smarter AI enhancements and applications from your Microsoft Teams Premium license.

In fact, the new Microsoft Teams client is now Public Preview, with an expected go-live toward the end of 2023, where you can use the latest features right away. For many of us, you will also not need multiple clients to connect to multiple tenants, as it is now possible to go fully Multi Tenant and Multi Account!

We’ll test it out for you during the webinar to further reveal what Microsoft has in store for you with the new Teams client.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Webinar recording

This webinar has since ended. You can watch the recording above.


Jan Vanderstappen

Yannick Borghmans

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10 am – 11 am

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