Which page in your Microsoft 365 environment is most visited? That’s right, your intranet home page!

This is the place where you and your colleagues start to look up information, connect with colleagues, want to stay updated on the latest company news to read, and much more.

Microsoft has made significant efforts in recent years to provide the right tools and building blocks to help you further tailor your home page to your organization’s needs. These include news aggregators that bundle information from different sources, an intelligent search engine to find information quickly, and the use of Viva Connections, along with adaptive cards, to make your intranet even more personal.

So we give a tour of all the elements present today and how to utilize them to the maximum.

So the possible potential is overwhelming, which is why we would like to invite you to participate in this upcoming webinar. After this webinar, we have no doubt convinced you of how easy it is nowadays to create a modern and handsome intranet home page.

Don’t wait any longer and register soon!

webinar recording

This webinar has since ended. You can watch the recording above.

Microsoft Copilot

Yannick Borghmans

Microsoft Copilot

Jan Vanderstappen

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10 am – 11 am

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