Microsoft Loop is gaining more and more momentum, with a growing number of users discovering the versatile capabilities it has to offer. With a continuous expansion of functions, the number of use cases is also growing exponentially.

During our webinar, we want to inform participants in detail about the current functionalities of Microsoft Loop and take a look at future developments. We will not only explore existing capabilities, but also anticipate what is to come, and how these new features will further enrich the digital work experience.

In short, join our webinar and discover the evolution of Microsoft and how to apply these innovations in your specific digital context. Let’s explore together how Microsoft Loop and related tools can be a valuable addition to your daily workflow and organizational goals.

Microsoft 365 Intranet Analytics

Yannick Borghmans

Microsoft 365 Intranet Analytics

Jan Vanderstappen

Date and Time


10 am – 11 am

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