Following up on our webinar with tips and tricks on the (digital) onboarding process within your organization, we would like to give you new tips on sharing and maintaining knowledge.

Every colleague has a specific piece of knowledge that can contribute to the various business processes within your organization. This knowledge is ideally shared with his/her colleagues and, of course, shared with new colleagues who have just started.

Often this is a “manual” process where the new colleague goes along with the experienced colleague for a few days/weeks, hopefully thinking of all the elements that might be useful in releasing the new colleague after the break-in period. But often elements/cases are forgotten or they just do not appear during that period. And for that, among other things, it would be enormously convenient and useful to establish a knowledge center.

In fact, a knowledge center can become the way to go when you need new information about a process or topic within your organization. This for both experienced and new colleagues.

So with Ventigrate, we are only too happy to share with you our tips and tricks on what options you have for this and how to set it up quickly.

So definitely a webinar to follow!

Webinar recording

This webinar has since ended. You can watch the recording above.


Jan Vanderstappen

Yannick Borghmans

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10 am – 11 am

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