At Ventigrate, we are not just another company that hires interns; we are a team driven to nurture and inspire the future generation of talent. Year after year, we offer a helping hand and mentor talented students during their internships. Our extensive internship team is ready to provide a unique experience, guiding students daily on their journey to success.

What makes our internships special? Our assignments are put together with care, with a view to their direct application within our company or as the beginning of a solution for our clients. That way, students get a taste of what it means to really be part of our team and understand what our work really entails.

In addition, we pair each student with both a technical colleague, and a functional colleague. The technical colleague obviously helps with the technical questions and architecture, where the functional colleague will help define the requirements, control the look-and-feel and have a detailed eye for usability.

Join us and discover how we are shaping the future of technology together. Your internship at Ventigrate is more than a learning experience; it’s an adventure you won’t soon forget. Join our team and be inspired as you explore your passion for technology!



Cool colleagues and
nice working atmosphere

Daily guidance

Flexible working

Cookie cupboard full of goodies

Darts, Playstation, Wii

Fun and experienced team



A repair company sends out different shifts daily to perform different tasks at different locations. Each location has a set of tasks and a set of subtasks.

The intention is to develop a mobile application using the Microsoft Power Platform. The shift supervisor can then use this application to track the various tasks and indicate which ones have been completed when. Therefore, should something go wrong somewhere that prevents them from completing the scheduled work, the shift supervisor can report it through the application.

The challenge in this internship is in the fact that this application is going to have to work smoothly on the 4G/5G network and on a mobile device that the shift supervisor has at hand.

Functional features:

  • Entry of tasks/sub-tasks per shift
  • Day overview shift leader
  • Status module shift manager
  • Reporting to agency staff

This fictional case should serve as a showcase for our customers that Microsoft Power Apps can work even in less than ideal conditions.


Every year we may host some interns at Ventigrate. These internships usually focus on development.

Over the years, we have noticed that developers prefer to be busy with development and less with the functional tasks.

With this internship, we want to recreate a more real-life situation where developers are supported by a functional profile.

The purpose of this functional profile is to provide the initial analysis and write out the various requirements into user stories. After this, the user stories should be estimated and can be divided into sprints for the developers.

Throughout the project, the developer will continue to build out the application, making it up to the functional profile to test the new developments and see if they effectively match the user stories that have been drawn out.

In short, the following tasks are expected of you:

  • Analysis of functional requirements
  • Drafting user stories
  • Follow up internships using Azure DevOps
  • Testing delivered functionalities
  • Formatting documentation

The intent for the functional profile is that itwill support multiple internships.

This internship is explicitly designed for students interested in analysis and functional tasks.


An application should be developed that can be used monthly to schedule hospital staff. The tool must take into account various rules such as: minimum occupancy, employee wishes & leave, overtime, early/late/night shifts, among others.

The tool must be able to run locally on the head nurse’s laptop and allow him to enter all staff and restrictions through a user-friendly UI. When all parameters are entered, the tool should generate a clear Excel file as output.

Proposal technology:

  • Frontend: Angular/React
  • Backend: .net core api
  • Database: mssql/azuredb


Annually, the league must prepare a competition calendar for all sports associations within a league. A large number of rules have to be taken into account here, such as: availability of venues, round trip matches, availability of referees, holidays, …

A web application needs to be developed that allows 1 time per year to enter all information around teams and restrictions and then can generate a year calendar that meets everything.

Proposal technology:

  • Frontend: React/Angular
  • Backend: .net core api
  • Database: mssql/azuredb


A number of colleagues at Ventigrate are rather avid darts players, a few of them even having had their first public tournament.

For playing on Ventigrate, we would like to create an application, but then we would like to publish it so that every darts enthusiast can

  • The score is going to keep
  • Different game modes includes (301, 501, Cut throat, Around the world,…)
  • Possibility of statistics (number of throws, average throw)
  • Login and profile section
  • Admin section
  • Tournament functionality

In doing so, the application should be touch -and mobile-friendly. The idea should be that you can use this quickly both on your smartphone and on the touch screen at Ventigrate which is next to the darts board.

In terms of technology, we are thinking of an Angular or React application, authentication can be dmv OAUTH with Azure AD, Gmail, Facebook,… And backend this can end up in a mongoDB or SQL.

In short, a varied assignment that our darters are going to greatly appreciate.

PS: of course, the application needs to be tested out, so practice your darts skills in advance ;-)


We would like to go to the ecological and optimization of transport is the truck or parcel service to calculate the best patterns/routes.

New transport requests are being notified on an ongoing basis, the intention is to complete the transport list as quickly as possible to have the least impact on nature. So possibly this could be done by adjusting priorities in transports.

Important in this is that there are multiple vehicles driving around and possibly all transports via the same route are slower than going over different roads.

Next miss enough time, a graphical representation of e.g. the packages/truck would be a nice bonus.

Proposal technology:

  • ASP.NET Core Web API
  • SQL Server / MongoDB
  • SignalR
  • Angular / React / Vue


Within Ventigrate, many things do get advanced; Quick, pizza hut, sandwiches, beverage dispenser, etc. Bills are paid by 1 person who then has to go by everyone’s house to checkout.

Handy would be should an application be created where these costs can be tracked. A weekly report is then made of the total outstanding charges (and with whom) and the necessary reminders are sent out. This application would actually be used after the internship.

Additional possible features include:

  • Link to a usable payment link (possibly via SMS) or payment system (Payconiq)
  • Order module for sandwiches
  • Integration into MS Teams


  • React
  • Azure
  • .NET (API)
  • SQL Server


As consultants, we all have multiple agendas; those of Ventigrate, one or more of clients, etc. When a meeting is booked in, it is not visible or reserved in other calendars, so you sometimes get duplicate bookings.

It would be useful to have an Outlook add-in that can synchronize calendars and block time when a meeting is scheduled in another calendar. Of course, this must be done after selection and confirmation by the user, because not all meetings must be synchronized.

For the Outlook add-in, in addition to the synchronization mechanism, the necessary time will need to be provided for user interface and user experience.


  • React
  • Outlook add-in
  • Azure
  • OAuth, MSAL
  • – Graph


For customers, permissions are often requested via a help desk ticket. This creates a lot of overhead since we have to ask for approval of the N+x each time. Through an application, we could automate these requests.

The application should include the following items:

  • Interface to request permissions as a user (through a chatbot in Teams)
  • Approval flow with automatic granting of permissions if approved
  • Interface for manager with an overview of all open tasks (app in Teams when there is enough time?)
  • When approving the task, the permission level can be overwritten

Nice to have:

  • As a manager, you can choose how permissions are granted:
  • In the process, it is configurable who should approve the task:
  • Granted application renewable through new approval


  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure
  • React
  • Power Automate
  • .NET


In this internship, we deliver a particular (existing) information governance. This governance contains some classifications of information with some theoretical rules that must be met if certain information falls into this class.

For example, information that contains personal data or information that must be shared with external parties must obviously be handled differently.

Of course, the system should be able to handle both but with different security rules.

The purpose of the internships is to explore the various possibilities within M365 in order to set up an environment that complies with the theoretical rules that have been provided.

Starting should not be empty-handed. Microsoft 365 already offers many products/functionalities that can help in this configuration. Of course, the licenses (E1 vs E3 vs E5) you use also has an impact on this. This difference must be included in the analysis.

To get started, a roadmap is provided. But this can be deviated from during the assignment if useful:

  • Establish different labels depending on the information classification.
  • Determine implications by label
  • Determine standard label
  • Determine standard labels per location
  • How to manually add labels
  • How to train users to add manual labels
  • Review what tools administrators have available to control all of this.

If there are still certain requirements that cannot be checked off with basic functionalities, an analysis will have to be done on what is needed to make this possible. Development should not happen.




At Ventigrate, we value a good working atmosphere. In fact, our workforce is our greatest asset.

With that thought in mind, we started brainstorming, held several workshops and did a survey of our employees. The objective was to determine, from different perspectives, what distinguishes Ventigrate as an employer and how we want to present ourselves as a company.

We are proud to present our employer value proposition. Our proposition includes the characteristics and values that we as a company want to convey to our employees.



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